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: Lock On! - Volume 2 [end]  ( 1499 )

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« : 22 November 2010, 00:04:26 »

And finally, the second volume of Lock On! is available on our site, so that you can download it from the  project page or just here (link is below)  .

Volume 2. Там, где любовь.

Inside you can find not only chapters themselves, but covers and extra chapter (omake).
We'd also like to thank our raw-providers for both tankobon-raws and magazine-raws as well as our japanese translator, who helped us out with translating omake and bonuses to chapters. Thank you, guys!  

Unfortunately, our team's ended up with this project, however, there are some other mangas we work over.
New releases are coming soon, so stay with us and enjoy reading  .
Yours, FMP-team!

P.S. We're recruiting now! If you'd like to help us with any of the projects - you are welcome. Editors, cleaners, typesetters, translators (Jp-En, Jp-Rus, En-Rus), proofreaders... Join us! (Contact data can be found in the profile).
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