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: Liar Game - Volume 4, Bakuman - Volume 7  ( 1345 )

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« : 11 April 2011, 19:39:58 »

Hi, there =). This is like a summarizing topic of 2 last volumes that we worked over during the last month.

So let's get started with Liar Game. Today it will be the 4th volume of this catching manga. What's going to happen during the 3rd game and what kind of experience will be gained after the group game?.. The answers are inside ^__^.

And the next thing is the 7th volume of Bakuman. The main characters are confused about their further steps in manga-drawing. Should it be comedy? Or smth serious? Let's see.


Btw, you can download all the previous volumes and chapters from the Liar Game and Bakuman page.

P.S. We're recruiting! Editors, translators (Jp-Rus OR Jp-En) and raw-providers are extremely needed=). Apply! (PM or e-mail - in profile info) We're waiting for you!  
« : 16 August 2011, 19:43:20 Ms_Shark »
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