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: Bakuman - vol 8-9, Liar Game - vol 5-6, Sket Dance - vol 4  ( 1497 )

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« : 16 August 2011, 20:04:57 »

Since the last release some time has passed, actually almost 5 months, never-the-less, we've ended up translating 5 volumes of various projects.
Firstly, two volumes of Bakuman:

Secondly, there are also 2 volumes of Liar Game manga:

And, eventually, one volume of Sket Dance:

Hope, you'll enjoy reading them =).

We'd also like to thank our raw-providers:
Halo for Bakuman scans and Ghost13 together with Phoenix (from gantz.ru) for Liar Game scans
You helped us a lot!!!

Moreover, now we'are actively looking for japanese translators (Jp-Rus, Jp-Eng). Mostly you'll be working on databook of Bakuman project - Charaman. Photos of scans can be found here.
If you're interested, please, leave your application in the special topic --> click me.

And especial thanks to our readers, who stay with us all this time! Your comments and words of gratitude is the best encouragement!
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