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  • Bakuman - vol 10-12, Liar Game - vol 7-8, Sket Dance vol 5-6 by Ms_Shark27 February 2012, 23:56:32
    Hi there, everyone! =)
    The posts' gap was half a year, yet it was decided to make 7 volumes release to sum up the achievements of the team ^^.
    First goes Bakuman: three new volumes - 10th, 11th and 12th.

    ...Liar Game follows...

    ...and Sket Dance closes procession (actually we haven't released volume 6 yet, but since only one chapter was left, I've decided to put it also here - the link will appear in a week).

    Thanks for reading and supporting us!

    P.S. Extremely needed specialists: editors.
    Bakuman - vol 8-9, Liar Game - vol 5-6, Sket Dance - vol 4 by Ms_Shark16 August 2011, 20:04:57
    Since the last release some time has passed, actually almost 5 months, never-the-less, we've ended up translating 5 volumes of various projects.
    Firstly, two volumes of Bakuman:

    Secondly, there are also 2 volumes of Liar Game manga:

    And, eventually, one volume of Sket Dance:

    Hope, you'll enjoy reading them =).

    We'd also like to thank our raw-providers:
    Halo for Bakuman scans and Ghost13 together with Phoenix (from for Liar Game scans
    You helped us a lot!!!

    Moreover, now we'are actively looking for japanese translators (Jp-Rus, Jp-Eng). Mostly you'll be working on databook of Bakuman project - Charaman. Photos of scans can be found here.
    If you're interested, please, leave your application in the special topic --> click me.

    And especial thanks to our readers, who stay with us all this time! Your comments and words of gratitude is the best encouragement!
    Liar Game - Volume 4, Bakuman - Volume 7 by Ms_Shark11 April 2011, 19:39:58
    Hi, there =). This is like a summarizing topic of 2 last volumes that we worked over during the last month.

    So let's get started with Liar Game. Today it will be the 4th volume of this catching manga. What's going to happen during the 3rd game and what kind of experience will be gained after the group game?.. The answers are inside ^__^.

    And the next thing is the 7th volume of Bakuman. The main characters are confused about their further steps in manga-drawing. Should it be comedy? Or smth serious? Let's see.


    Btw, you can download all the previous volumes and chapters from the Liar Game and Bakuman page.

    P.S. We're recruiting! Editors, translators (Jp-Rus OR Jp-En) and raw-providers are extremely needed=). Apply! (PM or e-mail - in profile info) We're waiting for you!  
    Liar Game - 3 Volumes (!) + Bakuman - Volumes 5-6 by Ms_Shark11 February 2011, 23:32:24
    Well, not so long ago we've completed the work on the volumes of Bakuman and Liar Game, so this topic is like a summary=)
    Now you can freely download first three volumes of our new project - Liar Game - from the project page! Or it is possible to do so by clicking on volumes' images below.

    And volumes 5 and 6 of Bakuman project, which cover chapters from 35 till 52.

    P.S. We're recruiting! Editors, translators (Jp-Rus OR Jp-En) and raw-providers are extremely needed=). Apply! (PM or e-mail - in profile info) We're waiting for you!  
    Lock On! - Volume 2 [end] by Ms_Shark22 November 2010, 00:04:26
    And finally, the second volume of Lock On! is available on our site, so that you can download it from the  project page or just here (link is below)  .

    Volume 2. Там, где любовь.

    Inside you can find not only chapters themselves, but covers and extra chapter (omake).
    We'd also like to thank our raw-providers for both tankobon-raws and magazine-raws as well as our japanese translator, who helped us out with translating omake and bonuses to chapters. Thank you, guys!  

    Unfortunately, our team's ended up with this project, however, there are some other mangas we work over.
    New releases are coming soon, so stay with us and enjoy reading  .
    Yours, FMP-team!

    P.S. We're recruiting now! If you'd like to help us with any of the projects - you are welcome. Editors, cleaners, typesetters, translators (Jp-En, Jp-Rus, En-Rus), proofreaders... Join us! (Contact data can be found in the profile).
    Lock On! - Volume 1 by Ms_Shark10 November 2010, 12:59:28
    It's been a while, since we posted news about new releases...
    But today we'd like to present you first volume of our new project  Lock On!

    Том 01. Работающий старшеклассник, фотограф-фрилансер, Санада.

    + Oneshot of this manga

    Lock On! Oneshot

    Moreover, chapters can be downloaded separately from the page of the project
    And we'd like to say enourmous thanks to Raw-Distro and Vicissitude, who provided us with tankobon and magazine raw scans=).

    Hope, you'll enjoy reading our translations=)

    *Volume 2 is coming soon *
    Sket Dance - Volume 3 by Ms_Shark20 September 2010, 23:31:31
    Hey, there  .

    Almost two months passed and volume 3 is ready! You can find here chapters from 18 till 26 - in russian, of course  .

    Том 3. Столько Друзей!

    Unfortunately, we have to inform you, that scanlating this awesome and funny manga will be temporarily on hold . But we ordered 3 more volumes (4th, 5th, 6th) and now waiting for them to be delivered from Japan!

    On the other hand, there are good news as well=). We're going to start one more project, not a big one, but still. The date of new release is unknown. However, there will be several chapters at once .

    Anyways, have fun reading volume 3 .
    Sket Dance - Volume 2 by Ms_Shark02 August 2010, 02:09:21
    We're glad to tell you, that translation of chapters 15, 16 and 17 was done and they were released . You can download them in the special section.

    In addition, Volume 2 - Summer Sakura is also completed, as above-mentioned chapters were the last ones in this volume .
    Том 2. Летняя Сакура.


    P.S. The work on volume 3 is started.
    News in English by Corwin18 July 2010, 16:32:00
    Hello, everybody! We've decided to widen our site a little bit and create pages in English! Thus not only russian-speaking people can read them, but foreigners as well This section will contain news, that are written in English.